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Evaluate your content!

Every successful program needs to begin with an in-depth anaylsis of the assets that you currently have/ use.

  • GRANDETEX LIMITED determines the Current State of Marketing in your company, assess needs,  and prepare for strategy.
  • This includes Web Site Audit (Ranking, Keywords, etc.) and a Collaborative Review of the Six Goals
  • We ask the following: What are you doing now to achieve these goals? What are your current sales & marketing processes? What internal resources do you have available?

Planning for Success:
Strategic Content Marketing Plan

We help you plan for success so that there are no surprises once you achieve it with content marketing!

  • We analyze your current information and develop a strategic plan based on your target audience and business goals.
  • We create an editorial calendar for your monthly content marketing campaign.
  • And present you with your Content Marketing Plan / Strategy.

Create the Content:
Custom Content For Your Business!

  • This may include:  Content Writing (blogs, articles, whitepapers); Infographics (information that’s made into a simple to read graphics presentation); Videos (testimonials, interviews, how-to’s and more); Social Media (posts, memes, call’s to action, inspirational and motivational messages, etc.)

Share your Content:
Connect and Engage with your Audience!

Strategic content distribution will engage your audience and let them know that you are a thought leader in your industry, a trusted resource, and someone they should do business with. We help you determine and manage those channels.

  • We manage the process for distribution and reach out to new and existing prospects through multi-channel marketing including blogs; web pages; social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and YouTube; and email marketing.
  • Sharing your information on a consistent basis helps to attract leads.
  • Keep your prospects and customers engaged with quality content.

Measure Your Results:
Keep an eye on what works best and make it better!

We help you plan for success with content marketing!

  • We set the course for all content marketing efforts to achieve goals based on data driven analytics.
  • Review & adjust your editorial calendar based on metrics.
  • Update you with a monthly progress report.  Did you experience an increase in likes, followers, fans?  And we’ll work with you to determine how content marketing converts to real-life sales and customers.

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