Content Marketing Strategy

GRANDETEX LIMITED’s Content Marketing Strategy blends data-driven SEO with creative content marketing applications to help you connect with your consumer.

During our marketing evaluation, GRANDETEX LIMITED determines the current state of content marketing in your company.  We assess needs, review content analysis, and prepare for your custom content marketing strategy.  This includes:

  •  Web Marketing Audit (Ranking, Keywords, Competitive Analysis, etc.)
  •  And we ask the following:   What are you doing now to achieve these goals?  What are your current sales & marketing processes?  What internal resources do you have available?

At YVMP, we  offer content analytics and share what we’re doing with you each and every month. Full transparency is essential so that we can work on your content marketing strategy together, and create informed, strategic decisions about your marketing goals.

GRANDETEX LIMITED content marketing strategists and account managers will work with you to establish goal-specific tracking campaigns. We monitor everything from page views and keywords to an increase in social media accounts and shared files. We create custom reports that measure your content ROI and give you actionable insights on content performance.

A content marketing strategy isn’t a one-time and done approach. You and GRANDETEX LIMITED will regularly assess which strategies best support your brand and business goals, which content strikes a chord with your target audience, and offers the best return on your investment. We continually research and prepare for optimal keywords, trends and topics, content type, brand integration, and social media marketing engagement.

But since it’s not going to happen in just one or two posts. Consistency is key to an effective content marketing strategy.

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GRANDETEX LIMITED is a content marketing agency that offers content marketing strategy and management, content writing, video marketing, social media marketing and internet marketing services to help your business generate more leads online.

Content is King. Consistency is Key. Grow your Business with GRANDETEX LIMITED!

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