Infographic Marketing

Infographic marketing combines a well-developed story (message) and great visuals (graphics, video, animations) to positively impact your target audience. 

In the past, consumers would read through volumes of copy. But now, to tell your story, you need to make the information visually stimulating.  GRANDETEX LIMITED infographic marketing services include both image based (pdf) and video based infographics with quick-paced motion graphics and a compelling script.

As consumers, we want to get right to the point. We want to know what you’re selling, pitching, teaching, promoting, etc.  And infographic marketing helps do just that.

GRANDETEX LIMITED designers and animators work with our content writers to create custom infographics.  We tell your story and develop the visuals just as your audience would want to see it… all in an effort to help you Grow Your Business.

Connect with your audience, in the manner they prefer

Infographic marketing is in extremely high demand.  According to OSHA, studies by educational researchers suggest that approximately 83% of human learning occurs visually, and another  11% through hearing.  Infographic marketing combines a well-developed story (message) and complementary visuals (graphics, video, animations) to positively impact your target audience.

Your consumer will be more apt to remember your industry tips, suggestions, trends, best practices and more when using infographic marketing.  And because it’s clear, concise and fun, they’re also more apt to share it to their social media circles.  According to Facebook, adding an image boosts engagement by 37%.  Use those numbers to Grow Your Business with YVMP.


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