GRANDETEX LIMITED is a content marketing agency that supports your Small Business Marketing efforts.  We offer Content Marketing, Video Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Market Research, Content Writing, Video Production, Graphic Design, and Web Design Services.


Content marketing created by GRANDETEX LIMITED helps to drive traffic, improves organic search engine optimization, and increases connections to your brand.


GRANDETEX LIMITED provides award-winning, ROI driven marketing videos. Our fully-integrated video marketing services help tell your story and grow your business.


Social media marketing benefits include: generating more business exposure (85%), increasing traffic (69%) and providing marketplace insight (65%).


GRANDETEX LIMITED graphic designers and animators work with our content writers to create infographics as pdfs and videos.


GRANDETEX LIMITED’s Marketing Consultation gives your content strategy drive and direction to connect, engage, and retain loyal customers.


Data! GRANDETEX LIMITED generates monthly reports that measure your content ROI and gives you actionable insights on content performance.

Grow Your Business with GRANDETEX LIMITED

There are many different ways to communicate with your current customers.  But what happens if you want to grow your business with new leads and new prospects?  Your sales team may be complaining that you’re not giving them enough leads and cold-calling isn’t cutting it any more.

With a successful content marketing campaign, you will be able to see exactly what your prospects are looking for; you’ll have insight into what your competition is doing; and you’ll position your company to be the prime resource for those new leads.

Plus, Content Marketing gives your sales and marketing staff a full library of materials to use at any time, for any presentation.

Contact Us to Receive a Free Web Evaluation.  If you choose to move forward with GRANDETEX LIMITED, we use this evaluation as a basis of developing your content marketing strategy.   If not, simply enjoy the data and keep in touch should you change your mind.

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