Our Process


  • GRANDETEX LIMITED determines the Current State of Marketing in your company, assess needs,  and prepare for strategy.
  • This includes Web Site Audit (Ranking, Keywords, etc.); a Collaborative Review of the Six Goals
  • We ask the following: What are you doing now to achieve these goals? What are your current sales & marketing processes? What internal resources do you have available?


  • We set the course for all content marketing and digital marketing efforts in order to achieve client goals based on data driven SEO analytics and engaging content creation.
  • Create an editorial calendar for monthly content marketing campaign.
  • Present you with your Content Marketing Plan / Strategy.



  • We create a variety of content based on your plan.
  • This may include:  Content Writing (blogs, articles, whitepapers); Infographics (information that’s made into a simple to read graphics presentation); Videos (testimonials, interviews, how-to’s and more); Social Media (fun contests, posts, memes, call’s to action, etc.)



  • We manage the process for distribution and reach out to new and existing prospects through multi-channel marketing including blogs; web pages; social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and YouTube; and email marketing.
  • Sharing your information on a consistent basis helps to attract leads
  • Keep them engaged with quality content.



  • Every month, we analyze the data, evaluate for strategy effectiveness, and either improve, adjust or maintain on course based on the results.
  • Monthly progress reports update you on the Content created; SEO keyword effectiveness (adjust as needed per season (holidays) or due to specific promotional (sales) efforts);  Sales and Marketing ROI; and determine the impact on revenue.

Contact GRANDETEX LIMITED to discuss your company’s goals and needs.