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Case Studies

Client Profile: One Woman One Voice Project #domesticviolence #videomarketing

GRANDETEX LIMITED is honored to have worked with Stephanie Payne McBride, founder and creator of the One Woman One Voice Project.

GRANDETEX LIMITED created a 4-minute video marketing short film explaining what is the One Woman One Voice Project and why it is so important for women in our community.

As a writing instructor, Stephanie Payne witnessed how writing opens up students to incredible discoveries when a safe space is created for them.  One Woman One Voice Project is a safe space on the Internet for women to connect, heal and thrive.

Your support will create a comprehensive learning environment rich […]

Modern Fable: The Inventor and the Video Marketing Company

As an inventor looks at his creation with admiration, he realizes there is only one thing missing to make this dream complete.  People willing to purchase his product are now important.  The inventor knows he has no idea how to get people to learn about his invention and realizes he needs help.  A video marketing company can let potential customers learn about the inventor’s new product and when the two combine forces… things are forever changed.

The inventor meets with the video marketing team and an entire new world is revealed.  The inventor realizes his product has an audience and […]