There are many online companies that offer small business marketing services that promise you’ll thrive, grow your business, and spend more time with your family.  And while that sounds great… you notice that those same companies are only selling you online software and that you actually still have to DO all of the work.

If this is what you were looking for… then yes, sign up for a low-cost online automated software system to help you get organized and there are many respectful ones out there to pick from.

There are also other companies that suggest they’ll provide you with inbound marketing support… but we find there are 2 big issues with this.  One, they want an entire year of cost upfront and their content is the same whether it’s for company A or company G. It doesn’t matter to them, because they provided you with content, albeit generic.  And they bundle up their software into a CRM program, of which in this day and age, many companies already have one in place.

One of the concerns of many small businesses is that you know your business is unique and there’s something about using content that’s generic that just doesn’t quite sit well with you.  And as a small business owner, you’re also dealing with the day-to-day activities of running your business: everything from administrative work, employee management, customer service, logistics, finance, and of course, the backbone of your business, sales and fulfillment of your products and services.

All you’re left with for marketing is wanting to scream, “We’re Open!”  But you’re stuck in the “I can’t spend that much money” and “I can’t do this all by myself anymore” conundrum.

So, how does custom content development help small business marketing?

1)      It’s created by humans… those who understand your business, your business goals, and more importantly your audience.   You want it to sound and feel real… as if they would experience you personally.

2)      Custom content starts with research and a plan and we stick to it!  It takes time for people to recognize that you have a great business.  So we need to CONNECT your business with prospects and customers.

3)      Software isn’t engaging at all.  But what you put into it is!  If you don’t import the information into the software program, it’s not going to give you the tools and metrics that you’re looking for.  The same thing applies with audience engagement… if you’re not feeding them with custom information and then interact with them over social media portals… you’re virtually non-existent.

4)      Go with the flow!  Yet move quickly. Consistent content is necessary, but there are changes in season, economics, and more that directly impact how your customers will interact with you and your business.  For example, in B2C business, summer buying patterns are very different than holiday time.  Adjust your messaging to help better connect with your audience BUT stay true to your core marketing messages and business goals.

5)      Trust in the relationship!  We know you want it simple and don’t have a lot of time to manage a content development team.  Well, when you select the right team… you’re not managing them, you’re working with them.  They are providing the services you need and they report to you.

6)      Be honest.  Really consider your budget and manage your ROI expectations.  If you never had over $250,000 revenue as a small business, don’t think a $500 per month investment will make you a $1,000,000 company.  But if you invest in $500 per month, what will you expect as an appropriate ROI for your business?  Discuss your expectations with your content marketing team and the plan can adjust to help push your goals.  Remember,  $500 per month is only $25 per business day.  You’d spend more on take-out than your marketing!

Communication is essential, but it shouldn’t be another burden on your plate.   Remember, at the very beginning (the first 2 weeks) we’ll want to meet with you, understand your business, goals, and your audience.  We’ll have questions to make sure we’re working with you on achieving these goals.  But after that,  what you’ll experience is a fully running system in place that serves your small business marketing needs.

Go figure… one LESS thing you have to do as a small business owner!

If you’d like to learn more about GRANDETEX LIMITED and our Content Development Plans, please contact us at +447537146858 or email us to schedule a time to speak about your small business goals.

Thanks and have a great weekend!