As an inventor looks at his creation with admiration, he realizes there is only one thing missing to make this dream complete.  People willing to purchase his product are now important.  The inventor knows he has no idea how to get people to learn about his invention and realizes he needs help.  A video marketing company can let potential customers learn about the inventor’s new product and when the two combine forces… things are forever changed.

The inventor meets with the video marketing team and an entire new world is revealed.  The inventor realizes his product has an audience and there is a way to connect with them.  He learns about product branding for his invention and sets goals.  Words such as brand and product awareness and web content strategy now make sense.  The inventor learns about managing assets such as videos, photography, graphics and more.

The inventor is a technical person but not considered creative.  The video marketing company is staffed with creative people and the entire production process cultivates ideas for the inventor’s product. The end result is an impressive way to present the inventor’s product to potential customers.

Promotional pictures are taken of the inventor’s product.  An instructional video is made and the inventor’s product looks as impressive to potential customers as it does to the inventor.  The inventor’s product is seen online, over a webcast, on mobile apps as well as on social media and even ready for TV.

In a short period of time, people are learning everything there is to know about the inventor’s product.  And because of the engagement and connection, there are more customers than the inventor could ever have imagined.

GRANDETEX LIMITED is an experienced and award-winning video marketing company. We are able to help an inventor or anyone with an existing product or service connect with customers who are looking for them.

CASE STUDY:  Remy Capillus 100% Remy Hair Extensions – B2C Retail Product – Winner of the 2013 Telly Award