The world of social media is continually evolving, and social media marketing is more vital than ever to business growth. Success lies in the right mix of strategies, and it takes the human touch to increase traffic from targeted customers. Without personal interaction, customers will only view social media marketing efforts as more of the same spam. To be effective in this market, it’s vital to understand the customer’s needs and expectations.

To be effective, content should not resemble traditional marketing messages. Instead of being purely promotional, social media marketing efforts must focus on fostering community relationships through genuine conversations.

Here are 4 things you should consider when creating content for social media marketing.

1. Listen to the customers and get to know them.

Let them know that you care about them, and understand what is important to them. Once relationships are built, the conversational nature of social media will spread the word, and your business will improve naturally.

2. What are they passionate about?

People are on these platforms to follow the things they are interested in. What about your product or service relates to them, why would they like it, and what would it do for them? Solve this riddle and share your solution.

3. Remember, the first word in social media marketing is “social.”

We are inherently social animals. We like to share, to be understood, to support and be supported. Put yourself in their shoes and see from their perspective, then shape your social media content accordingly.

4. Show your personality in your content.

There is a human on your end as well. Let them know that you are not just a faceless commodity. According to, “A good rule of thumb is to talk about your product or offerings 10 percent of the time and reserve the other 90 percent to give your brand a personality.”

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