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Small Business Marketing

Content Development for Small Businesses – Custom or Automated?

There are many online companies that offer small business marketing services that promise you’ll thrive, grow your business, and spend more time with your family.  And while that sounds great… you notice that those same companies are only selling you online software and that you actually still have to DO all of the work.

If this is what you were looking for… then yes, sign up for a low-cost online automated software system to help you get organized and there are many respectful ones out there to pick from.

There are also other companies that suggest they’ll provide you with inbound […]

The 5 Most Effective Inbound Marketing Strategies #inboundmarketing

In the past, businesses would use mass advertising as a method of reaching out to potential customers. While this allowed them to reach a large number of people, it didn’t bring a targeted audience. Today, it’s easier to use inbound marketing techniques to bring in

customers who are “looking” for what you have to offer and are therefore, more likely to convert into sales, making these strategies more effective.

Content Marketing

Because people turn to the Internet for information, you need to fulfill their thirst for information about your industry. Consider content marketing as one of the most effective strategies because you […]

Depression and the Small Business Owner

Can we all just say it without pretending anyone is exempt?  TIMES ARE TOUGH.  We’ve been pulling ourselves up by the bootstraps for well over a decade now.  And it gets exhausting!

We see glimmers of hope and excitement here and there, but overall, we’re on a daily roller coaster.  Feeling the tug from loving what we do and why we went into business in the first place to… closing up shop, not dealing with the BS, and walking away… far, far away for some peace.

Now, this article is not meant to be a substitute for seeing your physician, counselor, […]

The Six Places to Use Social Media for Your Small Business Marketing #SmallBusinessMarketing

If you own a small business, you are among a growing number of people. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, there are currently 23 million small businesses in the United States, and the number is growing rapidly. For small business owners, connecting with customers is essential. In a world where many people spend a large portion of their day on the Internet, often interaction with customers happens online and through social media sites. If you only have a limited amount of time to work on boosting your company’s image and customer base, there are a variety of places you […]