Today, in our changing media environment, video marketing has become more important than ever. The technology used for advertising has changed from the more traditional cable television ads to the web-based ads created for You Tube and other video formats.

So how do you maximize your impact to a growing population of mobile media fanatics?  Here are some essential ingredients of a successful mobile marketing campaign which employ the use of You Tube video for a changing market.

  1. Create videos that work with You Tube. You Tube is a leader in the new digital media. So make sure your video ads are up to specs with the most widely used medium by customers-You Tube videos. You Tube can convert media to the proper format, no matter what format you render it to. But it is the wise marketer who keeps this important format in mind when planning any ad campaign or strategy.
  2. Don’t forget the other formats to expand your reach. Though not as popular with the masses, some mobile users are tuning into other formats such as Vimeo as well, or using other players which play other formats of video. There are many different formats you can render your message to, so be as versatile as you can when distributing content.
  3. Make your message stand out. Just as is true for television ads, you must make your message unique and engaging. However, the internet allows you to be more intimate with your message.  They picked where they were going and your ad appeared because of their preferences. So, choose ads that draw your viewer in, without making them want to “change the channel.” Do this with a well-crafted story or message, the use of music, titles, or special effects. Or just create an excellent ad with the use of skillfully done camera shots and techniques.  Think about your audience and what will they prefer to see… not always what you’d prefer to see.
  4. Don’t forget a “call to action” at the end. Once you have drawn the viewer in with your message, you need to spur them on to action in the end. You can ask the viewer to click on a link, fill out a form, use a specific 800 tracking number, or other action before concluding the video.
  5. Don’t forget the role of text. When creating videos for online marketing in You Tube, make sure and add descriptions that complement the content of the video and use key words that are also used in the description and metatag sections, to improve search results.  Using specific SEO keywords work really well here and help your search efforts.

Video marketing is a very important part of the new approach to advertising which meets the customer where they are-online using mobile media. The use of You Tube marketing is beneficial to the small business trying to increase their visibility and get their message across to their audience. A successful ad campaign employs a clever combination of video marketing, social media, and content writing to achieve the maximum result.  Blend all content methods together and keep connecting with your audience.

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