SEO (search engine optimization) may help people find you on a limited basis but meaningful content creation will expand your reach faster and more effectively.  The internet has created a platform where businesses can reach across town or across the globe but the amount of information has created a background noise that causes consumers to be far more difficult to turn into customers. When so many businesses are clamoring for the limited attention of customers and prospects, quality content will be noticed and more importantly, shared.

There are five topics we’ll review here, starting with…

1- Choose Topics Carefully

Choosing topics carefully can bring people to the blog or website that may never have heard of the company. Connecting with your audience based on their interests is essential when choosing topics.  For example, a plumbing company may create a series of posts on water conservation. People who are looking for this type of information may find the posts through an online search; and therefore be exposed to the company. The company will look like an expert and the new visitor may decide they may need some of the water conservation plumbing options available. The key is to create quality content that people are looking for while utilizing SEO keywords. Don’t just sell your product. Choose topics that relate to your industry that will interest your customers and prospects.

2- Increase Brand Awareness

Every company wants to have a brand that people instantly recognize. Quality content creation can increase brand awareness when the site is used to communicate with the public about more than just the product.

For example, a company that participates in a local charity event can write about the experience of their employees who participated. People who are interested in the event may read the blog and learn about the company. People who share an interest in that particular cause may also see the article, and these individuals could become customers.   Talking about or showing (like on video) your involvement with their interests makes you a desirable company because you share similar values and experiences.

Another way to use a blog to increase brand awareness is to write about current trends in the industry. Become the recognized expert in the field and many more people will visit the site and learn about the company. Content creation such as writing content that shares important information is a great way for blogs and articles to get shared across social media, thus spreading the awareness of the business.

3- Educate Customers

The internet is a great way to educate customers and prospects. Many industries have benefited from providing ‘how to’ information on their blogs and websites. Consumers who are searching for this type of information will discover the blog and may share it with others. Utilizing SEO principles will help in this area, but the focus should be on quality content.

Share tips for using the product or hot ideas in the industry. For example, an insurance company may share tips on how to avoid car accidents. People who search for this information may not be looking for insurance at that time, but later may remember the site that gave helpful information and choose them to purchase from.  It builds you and your company up as a trusted resource and industry thought-leader.

4- Quality Content is King

Well written content may stimulate interest and as people share the articles with their friends and social network, the business will become more visible to a wider group of people.  And this will lead to more sales. It is the internet version of being in a good location with lots of foot traffic. Good quality content over a period of time is the best way for a business to benefit from a blog or website.

And don’t forget, blogs and articles are not the only content sources.  Use photos, videos, infographics, and more.  Test different methods to see which gains the most or best traction for your business.  For example, if you have a business that offers highly visual content options, like a florist, nail or hail salon, real estate agency, restaurant or café, use images to help enhance your content.

5- Do search engines think Content Creation is more important than SEO?

Based on the latest Google updates including Hummingbird, the answer would be YES!  We are all working towards making your web experience be one that offers a positive impact on whatever it is you are searching for.  For many SEO companies, their goal is to get you to the top of the rankings, and are not equipped to write the copy in a manner that best suits your business needs.  But if the content on your page doesn’t match the SEO keywords assigned, then the search engines will begin to discredit those pages because they are irrelevant to the end user.  And worse, you offered a disservice to your audience and they won’t find your website to be a credible resource.

Use SEO (search engine optimization) wisely to build a strategic content creation and content marketing plan, and you’ll experience amazing results through connection – engagement – and retention of loyal customers.

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