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Video Marketing

Video Content Marketing for Mobile Media Using You Tube – Going Where the People Are #videomarketing

Today, in our changing media environment, video marketing has become more important than ever. The technology used for advertising has changed from the more traditional cable television ads to the web-based ads created for You Tube and other video formats.

So how do you maximize your impact to a growing population of mobile media fanatics?  Here are some essential ingredients of a successful mobile marketing campaign which employ the use of You Tube video for a changing market.

Create videos that work with You Tube. You Tube is a leader in the new digital media. So make sure your video ads are up […]

The 5 Most Effective Inbound Marketing Strategies #inboundmarketing

In the past, businesses would use mass advertising as a method of reaching out to potential customers. While this allowed them to reach a large number of people, it didn’t bring a targeted audience. Today, it’s easier to use inbound marketing techniques to bring in

customers who are “looking” for what you have to offer and are therefore, more likely to convert into sales, making these strategies more effective.

Content Marketing

Because people turn to the Internet for information, you need to fulfill their thirst for information about your industry. Consider content marketing as one of the most effective strategies because you […]

Why Video Marketing Is Vital To Your Business’ Success

As a business owner who understands that Internet is vital to success, you may have asked yourself what you can do do promote your business online.

Video marketing might be the answer.

Promotional online marketing videos are increasingly becoming one of the Internet’s best tools for capturing potential customers.  (Check out some of our Case Studies to see how it helped our clients.)

There seems to be little disagreement that video marketing is popular. According to one estimate, 45 percent of Internet users watch at least one online video a month. That same estimate found that 100 million Internet users watch at least one […]

How Cutting Edge Training Videos Can Strengthen Your Company’s Work Force

As we’re working together to generate leads and help to grow your business, you may experience the opportunity to hire on new staff members.  However, to keep everyone on your team in-line, you now have to take the time to train these employees.  Here’s a simple solution:

We’ve all heard the saying:  “A happy employee is a productive employee.”   As technology changes at a feverish pace, companies around the globe realize they must be current and innovative in the way they do business.   This means new training is necessary at intermittent levels to keep employees educated and help them transition […]

Video Marketing: Does The Length of a Video Matter More Than Customer Targeting? #videomarketing

Video Marketing is so much the wave of how B2B marketing is going to work in the future that there’s really nothing else to compare it to. And as time goes on, the debate over what length these videos should be to capture attention never seems to end. Are we heading into a time when all marketing videos will be so short that they’ll be the equivalent of a six-second video on Vine? While that might be an exaggeration, let’s take a look at what typically works today and whether a standard marketing video running time will ever emerge.

The […]

Online Video Marketing on YouTube: How Will Businesses Stand Out in the Crowded Field?

Online video marketing is at a fever pitch right this year on YouTube, where companies of all stripes now post over 10,000 videos a month. That’s a startling figure considering just how crowded YouTube is becoming in the online video marketing arena. If it intimidates you from wanting to post your own online video there, it shouldn’t. Plenty of opportunity is still available if you plan your marketing cards right. You have to be something that some companies aren’t always willing to be: Consistently active.

Create Videos on a Regular Basis

The highest-performing companies on YouTube frequently create up to 50 […]

Modern Fable: The Inventor and the Video Marketing Company

As an inventor looks at his creation with admiration, he realizes there is only one thing missing to make this dream complete.  People willing to purchase his product are now important.  The inventor knows he has no idea how to get people to learn about his invention and realizes he needs help.  A video marketing company can let potential customers learn about the inventor’s new product and when the two combine forces… things are forever changed.

The inventor meets with the video marketing team and an entire new world is revealed.  The inventor realizes his product has an audience and […]

How to use Video in Marketing Techniques to Boost Travel Bookings

To be wildly successful in the tourism industry, or any industry as a matter of fact,  you have to be skilled at selling intangibles as well as tangibles. As a matter of fact, with so many industry players involved, it’s often the intangibles that matter the most. That’s precisely why hiring video marketing experts like GRANDETEX LIMITED can be advantageous.

Because we are a full service video marketing business, we can help you create an in-depth video and content marketing strategy designed to encapsulate the sounds, sights and emotions behind every tour. For example, let’s pretend that you want […]

Video Marketing Can Reach Your Customers

Many of us today recognize that the world has changed.  Technology has certainly changed the way we watch television and movies.  We use DVRs to record tv programs, and we watch movies and streaming video on tablet computers and smartphones.  With these terrific options, who is watching old-fashioned tv commercials anymore?

Today’s average internet user watches videos and according to Harvard Business Review (“How to Profit from Lean Advertising”, June 2013), 12% of video clips viewed by them were advertisements.  This is one reason that Video marketing is so important now.

Further, while the cost of content creation for a traditional television […]