As we’re working together to generate leads and help to grow your business, you may experience the opportunity to hire on new staff members.  However, to keep everyone on your team in-line, you now have to take the time to train these employees.  Here’s a simple solution:

We’ve all heard the saying:  “A happy employee is a productive employee.”   As technology changes at a feverish pace, companies around the globe realize they must be current and innovative in the way they do business.   This means new training is necessary at intermittent levels to keep employees educated and help them transition these changes with as little fuss as possible.

While marketing videos are great touch-points for your clients and prospects; training videos are a vital way to insure this process goes smoothly and effectively.  Some prime reasons why businesses find using training videos are more beneficial to their company are:

  • Can customize training to each company’s individual staff and personnel levels.
  • User-friendly; staff may train at their job site or almost anywhere else.
  • New hires can review training videos to become familiar with their job, reducing time spent by other employees to train them.
  • Visuals are more effective than snoring through pages of written manuals.
  • Are far more cost effective than hiring instructors to come to your workplace or business. Greatly reduces budgetary expenses of costly training conferences.
  • May be shared between company locations and used many times over.

Just about anyone with cheap equipment and minimal skill could put together a training video.  However, the more professional, engaging and interactive it is, the more excited and eager your employees are to use it.  Quality training videos should provide some of these features: 

  • Good audio narration to keep the listener apprised of what’s taking place.
  • Tutorials which provide step by step instruction.
  • High quality, professional graphics and/or simulations for a ‘reality’ classroom effect.
  • Good video quality to keep the viewer engaged (and as an employer, it sends a message that you won’t settle for mediocre work).
  • Images, music, animation— a little action goes a long way making it much more interesting and engaging to watch.
  • Interactive media such as web links, or web-based platforms to integrate with iPads, smartphones, etc.

Your goal as a business is to grow and succeed. When considering your company’s training needs, please contact us to learn how we can put together excellent, customized high quality training videos you and your employees will love!

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