To be wildly successful in the tourism industry, or any industry as a matter of fact,  you have to be skilled at selling intangibles as well as tangibles. As a matter of fact, with so many industry players involved, it’s often the intangibles that matter the most. That’s precisely why hiring video marketing experts like GRANDETEX LIMITED can be advantageous.

Because we are a full service video marketing business, we can help you create an in-depth video and content marketing strategy designed to encapsulate the sounds, sights and emotions behind every tour. For example, let’s pretend that you want to use videos to market a series of educational tours to different target markets. Our video marketing consultants will start by creating a customized strategy for each segment. Depending on what you hope to accomplish, the strategy may include a social media strategy,  content management, a media buy schedule, asset management and mobile app development.

From there, we’ll move into the concept and production phases. The concept and production phases may include such services as field production, studio production, talent procurement, video editing and copy writing. Afterward, we’ll turn our attention towards distribution.

Our youtube video advertising distribution channels have great depth and breadth. For starters, we can help get your promotional tour videos into the hands of destination marketing agencies, online travel magazine editors, television stations, scholastic organizations and visitor kiosk companies. We can help you blend the travel videos into your social media marketing strategy as well.

In addition to those distribution channels, we offer web casting services. They could be used to promote your tour packages a well. For example, we could help you arrange to have live streaming video content from one of your tour package locations incorporated into your trade show display. You could also broadcast live images of people enjoying your travel packages onto your company’s website.

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