Online video marketing is at a fever pitch right this year on YouTube, where companies of all stripes now post over 10,000 videos a month. That’s a startling figure considering just how crowded YouTube is becoming in the online video marketing arena. If it intimidates you from wanting to post your own online video there, it shouldn’t. Plenty of opportunity is still available if you plan your marketing cards right. You have to be something that some companies aren’t always willing to be: Consistently active.

Create Videos on a Regular Basis

The highest-performing companies on YouTube frequently create up to 50 videos in one month to keep their customers engaged. That shows you how important videos are now in engaging people with a particular brand and how those customers want to be consistently informed or entertained. If your company has lulls in creating videos, your customers may lose interest and decide to pursue rival companies who keep up the pace.

But how do you keep up a video pace like that when you have a limited budget? Many of the major corporations can afford to churn out videos with compelling production values. The secret, though, is that you can equal them without having to spend millions of dollars.  And more than likely, you won’t have to create 50 videos a month to engage your consumer.

Create Affordable Videos with Compelling Content

As you’ve seen with movies, content always matters over the production values. If you have content that provides different emotions while telling a story about your company, you’ll attract viewers. This could be through comedy (always popular) or a more serious story about the makings of your business and what transpires there on a daily basis.

In fact, the more personal you can make your videos, the more people will be interested in connecting with your business.  Our favorites include hot topics, trends, suggestions and tips that feature you, your staff, and your company products or services as the expert.  For example, if you’re a sales trainer, then speak on the topics that will help drive lead generation, compels your viewer, and makes you a valuable source of information.  Do you own an accounting firm?  Then speak on typical FAQs most consumers will question when you’re face-to-face.

GRANDETEX LIMITED Content Marketing Plans allow for four options without breaking the bank. Month-to-month contracts offer you the flexibility to grow your business and experience positive results without feeling like you’re locked into a long-term commitment.

However, the videos included in the content marketing plans won’t be produced like the big brand commercials because they need two critical factors 1) quick production turn-over 2) consistent messages – like weekly or bi-monthly video clips -  Intimate messages from you to your consumer.

Use YouTube SEO

YouTube has specific SEO that you need to apply in order to float above the competition. In the beginning of our engagement, you would have received the Content Strategy.  This brief gives you SEO details on your company and the competition.  We focus on specific keywords that will benefit your company goals.  Once you master all the keywords, and create marketing videos specifically including them, your rankings should be high on Google where YouTube SEO is taken very seriously.

Focus on Specific YouTube Channels

First thing’s first, does your company have its own YouTube Channel?  If not, that’s a great place to start. We find many times that the IT manager or other individual is using their own YouTube account to upload your videos.  That’s great… for them, personally, not your business.

Another secret to being found easier on YouTube is by creating a channel that’s specific to something in your business. While it’s not a good idea to create too many channels so you spread yourself too thin, honing in on something specific and in demand will gain you quick followers. This also helps you focus on using specific hashtags when promoting your YouTube videos on social media.

Yes, you can be easily found on YouTube with specific attention. But there’s much more to the maze of creating and distributing digital media. Here at GRANDETEX LIMITED, we’re proven leaders in creating marketing videos and content marketing strategies that you’ll be proud of and pleased with.

Contact us so we can start working on conceptualizing a video that will enhance your brand in ways that prospective customers will continue to watch on a daily basis.

GRANDETEX LIMITED (GRANDETEX LIMITED) is a content marketing agency that offers full service web content strategy and management, content writing, video marketing, and social media marketing services to help your business generate more leads online. We do this with a comprehensive approach to internet marketing and lead generation, and combine the best of both worlds, data driven SEO with strategic, creative content production.

Content is King.  Consistency is Key.  Grow Your Business with GRANDETEX LIMITED!