Many of us today recognize that the world has changed.  Technology has certainly changed the way we watch television and movies.  We use DVRs to record tv programs, and we watch movies and streaming video on tablet computers and smartphones.  With these terrific options, who is watching old-fashioned tv commercials anymore?

Today’s average internet user watches videos and according to Harvard Business Review (“How to Profit from Lean Advertising”, June 2013), 12% of video clips viewed by them were advertisements.  This is one reason that Video marketing is so important now.

Further, while the cost of content creation for a traditional television ad starts at $100,000, video marketing may cost just a fraction of that for both content creation and distribution.

Many internet users will stay attentive to a video marketing campaign while they disengage from more traditional advertising.  After all, tv commercials are a great time to grab a snack during the tv show.  But, content that is chosen by the consumer and downloaded or streamed to his/her computer, tablet, or smartphone will maintain a higher level of attention.  In fact, when the user chooses the video, 48% will later visit the company’s website, 22% will make a purchase, and 11% will share the video with a friend.

While do-it-yourself video marketing is tempting, less than 3% of You Tube videos go viral.  We can help you develop high quality, impactful videos that will reach your customers. Contact us to learn more about video marketing today.