Happy New Year!  As we head into 2014, we learn a lot about strategies and techniques that will make the most impact on your marketing investment.  And the jury is no longer out. Incorporating video into your online marketing strategy, will greatly increase engagement, leads and sales. Video engages, persuades and motivates. It provides a human connection on both an intellectual and emotional level that is often lost in traditional web marketing.

Video marketing is a close second to word of mouth for influencing key purchasing decisions. It’s easy to view, easy to share, and it just makes sense. But as importantly when counting every marketing dollar, video marketing doesn’t need to be expensive or complicated.  It’s meant to be done on a consistent basis, so spending tens of thousands of dollars on one video for your online marketing strategy is simply ridiculous.   If you’d like to learn more about GRANDETEX LIMITED’s pricing, please review the options including monthly Content Marketing Plans or if you’re only ready to move forward with one video at a time, GRANDETEX LIMITED Video Marketing Packages.  The choice is yours to make based on your desired outcome and marketing budget.


There are three main areas of focus that, when executed well, will allow you to create simple and effective video marketing. Somewhat surprisingly to many of our clients, is that all three come before the video is ever produced. However, they are vital to the success of your online video marketing plan.  The philosophy behind effective video marketing is important to understand.

1)  The first area of focus is making sure it is understood that an effective video must tell a good story. It needs to have what every good story has; a beginning, a middle and an end. Plan this story out beforehand, incorporating the key messages that you want to communicate.  While many clients want to include multiple messages into one video, thinking it will save them time and money, the problem is you will confuse your viewer and make your video less effective.

2)  The video must have familiarity with your targeted audience and must appeal to them emotionally. If you are not sure what aspects will achieve this with your target audience, ask them. They will be glad to tell you. If you can’t ask them, then focus on your core values, your differentiating factor(s) that makes you the resource best suited for their needs.

3)  The most effective videos are simple. They have a simple message and result in a simple outcome. However, most important of all is to understand that the video is not about you. It is about their problem and how you can solve it for them. Reality is that people do not care about your specific product. What they care about is how your product or service will benefit them. If you can show them in a convincing and emotionally attaching way, your video will succeed.

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