There are now 79 million Millennials and their spending power has reached $170 billion. If you’re thinking of using video to target Generation Y, then you’re on the right track. However, you might not even know how much so. Older adults have a tendency to look at what young people are doing and dismiss it as a trend or a passing fad. In fact, 22% of Americans believe that social media is a fad.

However, the reason that Millennials are drawn to things like video and social media, make them far less faddish trends than most.

  • Like Generation X before them, they are diverse. However, Generation Y is the most racially diverse generation to date
  • They respect older people and love their parents. They respect their parents’ advice and have no shame in living with them as young adults
  • They use their spending power to affect social change. They seek to buy from retailers who show social purpose, a moral stand for something and authenticity.
  • Their affinity for social media has evolved into a love for community. They love learning about things that are going on in their own communities and like to create a sense of community wherever they are
  • Their affinity for social media has also evolved into a love for instant sharing. If they see something online they’d like their mom, or best friend to read; they want to share it instantly
  • They take pride in the brand names that they buy. Since they are the most tech savvy generation; product features, capabilities and upgrades are important to Generation Y
  • Their affinity for video games, brand loyalty and community has evolved into an interest in buying from companies that, “gamify,” their product or service by rewarding shoppers with loyalty points and sponsoring fun contests
  • The Internet is their preferred form of entertainment

So as you can see, companies that already focus on the environment; produce organic products; create awesome technology; are active in the community; give a lot to charity and use social media as part of their product offering, service offering or marketing technique; already have a foot in the door with these young adults. In addition, they do love to watch videos online.

If you feel your product or service would appeal to this demographic, but they just don’t know about it yet; then making video a part of your social media marketing strategy is an excellent idea. However, you need a marketing consultant with expertise to do this right.

Millennials loved this, now famous, “Child of the 90s,” video, yet they continued to use Google Chrome instead of IE. Why? They did this because disguising marketing messages with emotion doesn’t persuade them like it did just about every other generation before them.

Contact us or email us. We will create just the right video and marketing campaign to appeal to Generation Y, or whatever target demographic you want to reach.

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