If you’re an avid gardener, I’m sure you have some great tips, suggestions or techniques that you could share with friends.  Say they want to start a garden of their own, you’d probably know the best way to do so.  Which vegetables?  What they should watch out for, like… how to keep rabbits and other critters off the veggies?  Maybe even offer suggestions on proper soil, best fertilizer, etc.

These little nuggets of information are exactly what’s needed when you’re working on your content marketing plan. Focus on the short simple questions you already know the answers to, but your readers and viewers don’t. So many tend to over-think content marketing as if it’s a huge novel; but it’s not.  I mean, seriously, you’re not prepping yourself to be the next Frost or Hemingway.

Content marketing is meant to be short, quick conversations with a friend who has some great knowledge that you were hoping to get answers from.  Be that friend.  Be the industry thought-leader.

Three Simple Steps to Content Marketing Strategy Success

  1. What are you good at or know the best without any prompting?
  2. What services or products does your company offer in relation to #1?
  3. What are the top 5-10 questions your prospects, clients, or vendors always ask you?

So… what if you owned a business that serves gardeners?   All of your tips and suggestions would be excellent information to be included into your Content Marketing Strategy.  If you can help offer a solution to a problem, your content will outshine all the glossy sales copy in the world.  Your information offers credibility to you and your business, thereby, driving more traffic to your site and customers your door.

At YVMP, we also found that while many business owners have the knowledge to help their customers, they aren’t really good at writing and preparing a strategic content marketing plan.  That’s where we step in.  We use all of the information you provide us, then run back-end data research.  We determine which of these topics are currently being searched, and format your responses to be used in video marketing, in blog posts for content marketing, and prep it for social media marketing initiatives.

Our goal is to help Grow Your Business.  We’ll help you… just like you help your consumer.

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Author:  Emilia Andrews, Partner at GRANDETEX LIMITED