Understanding Content Marketing and How It Can Push Your Brand Forward

Content marketing is a much-talked about buzzword that has floated through the world of internet marketing over the past several years, but is it all just hype, or is there really something truly unique about content marketing that allows a brand to set itself apart from competitors?

Content marketing has a plethora of names, such as: Customer media, branded content, and much more. But each of these related words all boil down to the same core concept, which is to create engaging content that attracts, engages, and helps cultivate a stronger relationship between the brand and its target audience, with the underlying goal of getting the audience to become leads, make a purchase, or just take action. 

For well over several decades brands have fought over every ounce of their audience’s attention through outlandish advertisements and annoying pop-up’s. This is still being done today even though consumer research continues to shed light on the fact that these traditional forms of marketing are almost completely ignored by the consumer.

In today’s fast paced world of screens and multi-tasking you need to connect with your audience on a different level, on a level that they can relate to, and this can be done effectively through the implementation of content marketing.

Brands use content marketing to “seek permission” from the audience as opposed to jumping up and down for their attention. Content marketing is a medium through which a brand can connect with people looking for quality, relevant information within a specific industry or over a certain topic.

To get an idea of how content marketing can bring in more web traffic, a higher conversion rate and in the end more customers, here are a few good examples of companies that have seemingly “mastered” what it means to implement content marketing within an online strategy.

  • General Mills – This corporate giant created tablespoon.com, a website devoted to giving great recipes, food advice, tips and tricks.  (If you love to cook, they have some really great ideas!)
  • L’Oreal – L’Oreal created makeup.com, a website that offers style and beauty advice while gently offers product suggestions.
  • American Express – American Express created the Open Forum, an online forum where anyone can learn about the issues faced by small business owners.
  • Red Bull – Red Bull owns the Red Bulletin, a magazine dedicated to giving news and information for sports enthusiasts and thrill seekers.

Although each of these companies are already well established and are nowhere near small, they each have one striking trait in common: they are genuinely trying to help their audience.

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