When hiring a group of new employees, the few designated hours of training are crucial for their understanding of the job. Training videos are an economical to train employees, though they are only effective if they are compelling enough to gain and maintain the audience’s attention. To make training videos that are actually informative and entertaining, follow these tips:

Stay Modern

This should be a goal every step of the way. If you’re training video is ten years old, it’s probably time for a new one. Similarly, if the video uses a VHS or Walkman as an example, it is much less likely to gain the interest of the audience. If you plan on making a new video, be sure to use modern technology and have modern references within. It is always good to give employees the impression that your company is up to date and invests its money in its employees.

Get Straight to the Point

New employees want to learn what problems they are going to face and how they should handle them. Now is not a good time to display your sense of humor, it will only distract the audience away from the information. Explain the job in simple terms and relate it in a way that they can understand it. If possible, use real footage of your company and current employees, so the new employees will have an idea of how the company runs. One on one interviews are useful and will engage the audience.

Edit, Edit, Edit

A training video loses credibility if there are clear flaws or obvious mistakes. The video should run smoothly to keep the audience’s attention, but not too fast that there is too much information to process. Sound effects and background music can be useful to signal which information is truly important, but be careful not to add music that distracts from the video or gives the video an unprofessional feel. If the film is being narrated, make sure the track is in sync with the rest of the video, and that the voice is lively, not monotonous.

If you’re training video is currently outdated, or you are seeking professional advice, contact GRANDETEX LIMITED. With a professional and experienced staff, they can help make your training video informative and entertaining.