While Twitter and its “140 character” revolution have caused many to start viewing the web as a realm of shallow, cheap content, the reality is quite the opposite. In order to gain a sustainable web presence and truly improve your content marketing strategy, sites have to provide a constant stream of well-written, highly specialized pieces.

Let’s take a look at three of the key traits of effective web content writing.


It is pretty common to think of the web as a platform in which anyone can voice an opinion. While this is true for the most part, not every opinion or viewpoint potentially adds value for readers. When the average person browses the web, he or she usually looks to have questions answered, or to become enlightened in some area. Such content gets shared and brings viewers coming back.

This is why it’s essential for content writing to convey authority. If it is not possible to write your own business content, it is important to find someone who can speak to the subject with as much expertise.

Formatting for the Web – Not for Print

You may be able to convey high-minded ideas that would be at home in the Wall Street Journal or New York Times, but it is important to remember that the eye does not scan text on an LCD the way it does on paper. Big blocks of text belong in newspapers, books, and trade journals. Web writing requires clear headings, a strong breakdown of topics (preferably as lists), and bullet points whenever appropriate.

Keyword Density, Careful Links, and Anchor Text

Content writing is a balancing act. We have already covered the need to provide an expert-level tone in a clear, easy-to-read manner. There is a third, crucial balancing factor – search engine optimization (SEO).

At the basic level, this involves careful placement of keywords; they should be used near the beginning of the article and with enough density to increase ranking. Too much density, however, is counterproductive as search engines may penalize it. Link density is important as well, and the anchor text should always be an accurate description of the link destination. A web writer must accomplish all of this while still maintaining a natural, authoritative voice.

While by this point virtually every business knows the value of analyzing traffic, it has become just as important to analyze content. This includes written blog content just as much as it includes overall web design, video, and social media.

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