A Cautionary Story for DIY – Do It Yourself – Small Business Owners and their Website Strategy.  Why You Cannot Afford to NOT use an internet marketing company.

World wide web browser backgroundBefore starting their first website, most small business owners are overwhelmed with the myriad of options to concern themselves with, from which coding languages and frameworks to use, to the overall design of the website. Once they get those things worked out, they think they are past the hard part; but they could not be more wrong. What good is having a properly coded and spectacularly designed website if no one even knows it exists?

With millions of websites out there and likely thousands — or even hundreds of thousands — catering to a similar niche as your website, getting your website noticed is no small task. Between search engine optimization, blog to blog marketing, pay per click advertising, social media management, video marketing and so on, the task of getting your website’s name out there quickly becomes a nontrivial one. Sure, a little bit of research can show one the basics on any of the aforementioned topics, but when every new website owner employs only the basics, they are really only doing the bare minimum.

Getting noticed and ranked well on search engines requires a much more intimate knowledge of the various platforms and just as important, finding the right consumers to find your website is key to the attraction.  To put it into perspective, most people above the age of 18 know how to drive, does that mean they should be thrown into a NASCAR race with expectations of winning? Probably not. That is where the utilization of an internet marketing company comes into play.

While outsourcing your internet marketing needs to trained professionals may seem like yet another unneeded expense that you cannot afford, the truth ends up being very much in the contrary. Hiring professionals to handle the hard parts of internet marketing for your website is something you cannot afford not to do. By having an internet marketing company develop a rigorous campaign from day one, your business will flourish much quicker than it would otherwise, making the long-term gain in revenue more than make up for the cost of the services required. What’s more, for those that feel their website caters to an otherwise undiscovered niche, the time it would take for the website to get off the ground and do well without such services, might be just enough time for a competitor to come in and take the wind out of your website’s sails before it has even left the dock.

What you need to look for in an internet marketing company?

1)  Do they specialize in only one area of internet marketing, like SEO or PPC?  If so, they are not going to help you with the demands of search engines AND consumers.  SEO and PPC companies are great at working out the statistics and coding in such information for search engines, but when it comes to engaging your consumer, they lack content creation experience.

2)  Do you have time to develop ongoing, consistent, and relevant content for your website?  If not, make sure that the internet marketing company you work with has a history and robust experience in developing content for an audience (people!), not just search engine gibberish.

3)  Do you need a local, regional, national, or international reach?  Even though you may own a small business, the reach for your audience could extend beyond your local county.  Be sure the internet marketing company you work with will be able to scale your efforts based on your desired goals, not theirs.

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