5 Reasons Content Marketing is Done

Content marketing – planning, creating, publishing, and promoting helpful content for prospects and customers – can earn you incredible reach, influence and revenue.

But there are 5 reasons why content marketing is even done:

1)      Trust - People don’t necessarily trust advertisements and they frequently get annoyed by the advertiser for interrupting their day. Publishing helpful content achieves the opposite effect. People can find it and explore it when they’re looking for information. Instead of being a pest, you become a trusted resource.

2)      Word of Mouth – It takes just seconds for readers to share a link to a piece of content they like. After some good initial promotion, an original, creative piece of content can quickly take on a life of its own as readers share it with their friends and contacts.  Your content marketing plan will help you determine some great metrics and focus on the content that did very well for you.  You can consider adjusting your content marketing editorial calendar to focus on topics and stories that resonate with your audience.

3)      Visibility – By optimizing the keywords in your content, you can use it to get your company on the front page of search engines, in front of customers looking for information or journalists researching stories.   And considering the major changes being done by Google and other search engines, we’re excited that it’s getting back to basics:  Great content is shared by individuals who enjoy your content – helping to increase your brand efforts.

4)      Voice – As the publisher of your own content, you get more say in what people hear about you. You can’t control how people react to your content, but you can decide what you put out there.  And since a lot of content marketing is created to help stimulate engagement, be sure to respond to positive and negative feedback appropriately.  Take the higher road at all times; portray excellent customer service and help to continue building trust with your audience.

5)      Cost – The cost of publishing content starts at zero. Simply start your own content marketing strategy by creating a blog and tend to various social media portals. WARNING: Don’t take on more than you can handle!  But as your business grows, you may not have the time to keep up with your content marketing strategy.  And worse, if you don’t do this for a living, you may not even be aware of the various research tools, techniques, calendars, and posts you need to adhere to.  Be sure to select a provider that is well versed in all aspects of content marketing, because writing is simply not enough. You want to have a lot of content options, like whitepapers, graphics, images, video, articles, news releases, case studies and more.  And when considering your budget, think about what you believe would be an appropriate ROI?  An increase in leads or followers, more foot traffic, more phone calls, or you just want to improve your brand credibility?

Remember, a great content marketing plan will positively affect more than just your cash register.  It’s great for your entire business growth strategy.

YVMP is a content marketing agency.  We specialize in content marketing, content creation, video marketing and social media marketing.  We follow our 5-step process on every project to ensure a successful campaign:  Research – Plan – Create – Share – Measure.  (And repeat… ;)

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