B2B marketing becomes better when you can employ the most entertaining videos possible to attract business. What makes creating videos all the more compelling is that Inc. recently reported on how 43% of all B2B customers watch online videos to find other businesses to buy from. But because places like YouTube are busting at the seams with B2B Marketing videos trying to vie for attention, how do you stand out from everyone else?

While it may be impossible to completely stand alone from everyone else when so much creativity is being done, you can at least increase your chances with some smart planning. You can do that by thinking about what your company does and making it look like a shining diamond among others in your industry. Some of that will depend on more than just being entertaining.

Making a Boring Industry Look Compelling

When dealing with B2B marketing, some businesses aren’t going to be selling the most exciting products in the world. Often times, it can be something as utilitarian as office furniture, executive suites, or industrial products. You have to find a way to make those products look interesting during a video presentation. A video that takes an angle behind the product and gives some entertaining facts about it is the best approach.  Creative shooting techniques, movement, lighting and quality story telling will also increase the quality of the film.

Comedy usually works well, though you have to be sure it’s delivered in a way that delivers true laughs. If the comedy falls flat or becomes too corny, the customer may lose interest and move on to another video.  Be truthful to your brand and company values.  Don’t try to be something that you’re not… so use comedy or other techniques only if you believe it will enhance your efforts.

Building Up Your Reputation

Inc. says the reputation of your business is one of the leading motivators behind another business buying your products. Don’t be afraid to play up your reputation and show proof of the positive comments you’ve received from other happy customers. In fact, you can have those other customers state their feelings to the camera if they’re willing to come in and participate in your video.

Customer testimonials are always a winning part of marketing videos to compel other customers to buy from you. Just be sure that those testimonials are sincere. It’s best to let those customers talk freely and not have to read off a script since not everyone can do that well.  A seasoned producer will be able to ask poignant questions and seek for the emotion in their expression when giving your testimonial.

Always Place a Call to Action at the End of Your Video

Once you’ve convinced another business to buy from you, they may not take action unless you state a call to action at the end of the video. With interactivity now possible on videos, you can embed a website link directly onto the video as the video ends so the customer can buy from you immediately.

Even if the call to action has become overly commonplace, it’s something perpetually necessary as the psychological motivator in doing a purchase. Once you’ve successfully done all the above, however, you can expect to compete with maybe several others for being the business’s ultimate choice. When you can whittle the odds down that small within a massive universe of YouTube videos, you’ve done well for yourself.

Manage Your Expectations

Your industry may not get the thousands or millions of views mainstream YouTube videos would receive.  For example, a Psy video may bring in the hundreds of millions (587,202,304 to be exact!).  But considering your market place, if your B2B marketing video gets over 1000 video views, you are doing really well!  Say you’re a boutique public relations firm that serves approximately 40-60 clients per year, at max?  Then your B2B Marketing video will do extremely well if you have several hundred views.

The intent is to take viewers on a B2B marketing journey, getting them from being a viewer to a prospect or referral source.  And ultimately, a customer or partner aligned with being your brand ambassador.

Work with your B2B marketing agency to develop a strategy with how you’d like to use your video and describe your expectations with them.  Here at Your Video Marketing Pro, we’ll make sure your B2B marketing video incorporates all of the elements above, plus so much more.

Contact us and we’ll show you how our comprehensive approach will get you noticed by using strategic content creation with data driven analytics. With our successful track record using the above, you’ll quickly be ranked high on search engines where more eyes will see you.