Video marketing sharing online is extremely popular. People from all over the world visit YouTube daily by the millions.  As a modern business professional, you’re likely feeling the pressure from your staff or maybe even from your potential customer base to “make a marketing video.”

However, you have no idea how to go about a project like this. Many business owners ask themselves questions like:

  • Am I supposed to make a commercial?
  • Why will people watch it?
  • Is a marketing video really going to improve my business or my image?
  • Will I have time to do this?

Simple First Steps:  If you’re not sure what to do for your first video marketing experience, here are two techniques that are extremely effective for lead generation.

1. Create a How To Video

The main reason that how-to videos are sometimes unsuccessful is because they do not contain useful content. If you figure out something that your target audience would find incredibly useful, then teach them how to do it, you will receive viewers. You will also position yourself as an expert and build the kind of trust that will generate leads.  This is an excellent way to develop a video marketing campaign.

For example, if you are marketing for your online antique store and ran a series of videos teaching people how to identify rare coins that were still in circulation; how to find out what precious metals are in their items; or that taught them how to find antiques in small country towns, you would be running a great advertising campaign for your company.

Think about the details in your company that makes your knowledge special?  What are typical questions you get from clients and create a video series answering these questions.

Case Study:  A great example is our video marketing client Richardson.  SEE VIDEO ABOVE!  We create weekly marketing videos to help educate and inform their clients and prospects.  However, we’re not filming each week!  We film at their location for one day and this provides them enough content for 12 weeks!  Strategy, planning, and efficient production processes help make this an enjoyable experience for our client and offers amazing content for an entire business quarter!

2. Create an Empathetic Connection

The key to using empathy as a marketing technique is to really understand your target market. For example, even if you’re marketing sneakers, you really want to nail down as specific a demographic as possible. A very different consumer is going to buy bright green running shoes than is going to buy Converse One Stars.

Taking the Converse One Stars for example, when they first re-entered the popular market around 1994, they were visible on the urban scene, yet you never saw TV commercials for the shoes. Then gradually, you saw compelling advertisements for them in urban magazines like, “The Source,” that spoke deeply to the young people who were wearing them.

The ads were reminiscent of the underground music and poetry scene that was growing at the time; and intelligent, creative young people, who had a genuine respect for the 80s urban culture, that gave birth to the style trend.

Though the ads were not on TV, they were empathetic and they showed that the company truly understood its target market.

Contact us and let us help you find out what video marketing format will best reach your customers.

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